Inside The Devil’s Mind

To rot,

To reign,

Or amass for warfare,

These, the driving choices in my mind,

Could propagate outcomes galore.

Destiny, in all is cutthroat style,

Creates visions, which at their root, are unattainable.

Ohh, the failures of old, how they haunt me.

Hades shook upon bombardment

Of lightning from on high.


It was a will for power, sought through blood.


Marching armies beat upon the gates of Heaven,

Like dark waves of a defiled sea,

Then fell into ceaseless fire.


But why set forth

To recapture something that is already present?

Why leave?


This place, torn asunder, is a kingdom all to its own.

From here, we’ll set our emblem upon all men.

Heaven held us in bars of rusted fantasies and iron dreams.

This unholy place is freedom to rule without opposition.

This perpetual holocaust Pyre is home.


Why risk the rotten beauty of Hell

By trying to turn Heaven into it.


We shall rule,



And destroy here, from this damned abode.

God and his faithful cannot command us.

He cannot purge this night.

He will soon bow before me

For it seems to be,

That it is better to reign, here in hell,

Than to kneel before that tyrant King of Kings.


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