My Knee

If I have seemed very crabby lately, it’s because I have been. My knee is killing me.  Over the past 10 years or so, my right knee would hurt for a couple days a month, and then be fine.  It clicks with every step, so it’s obvious that something is wrong with it.  Now, for the past 3 weeks, the pain has been constant and debilitating.  Work has been a constant battle to not only fight against my job, but to overcome the pain.  This has taken a mental toll on me.

The good news is that I have a doctor’s appointment scheduled for December 2nd to have my knee checked out.  It’s going to be a struggle to continue on that long without anything for the pain, but at least I’ll get a few days off for Thanksgiving to rest it up.  Hopefully, a shot can ease the pain at the very least, but there is probably a bigger problem involved.  I’ll learn more then.

So, I’ll ask you to understand my depressing crankiness, as I’m in constant pain and have no relief from it.  Hopefully soon this will all be taken care of.

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