I’m still working a crazy number of hours these days.  Two weeks ago, I was on the daylight shift.  I finished up that Saturday at 3pm, only to come in Sunday night at 11pm for a 7 day week on the midnight shift.  Finishing up at 7am this past Sunday, I was out again on Monday at 3pm for this week’s afternoon shift.  You’ll note that there is no day off in that time span.  I’ve certainly noticed, and it has my nerves frayed and me physically worn out.

I’m up to having to pound down 3 cups of coffee before I leave just to be able to function (currently on cup #3).

Frankly, I’m in a very bad mood, and things that I normally brush off have me quite angry.  I’m thinking of avoiding Facebook and interacting with friends for a while, as I don’t want to bring anyone else into this.  Contact me directly on the phone, email or here if you care to reach me.

I’m going to spend my downtime working on a new website project for a friend.  I hope that it turns out well.

OK, I have to leave for work… again.  Talk to you all later.

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