Far Behind

I’m so very behind with a bunch of stuff I need to do.  I have appointments to schedule, a resume to re-polish and I still need to write checks for the winners of my fantasy football league (yes, I’m VERY far behind on that one).

It’s been really hard to find the time.  I’ve been working 6 and 7 day weeks (this is nothing new), and when I come home from work, I eat dinner and then go to bed.  I can never seem to get enough sleep.  If I don’t do that, I’m a total mess the next day at work.  It never used to be that way with me, but with this constant work schedule, I have no “downtime” anymore.  I can’t remember what having back-to-back days off is like.  Hell, when I DO have a Sunday off, I spend it sleeping to readjust my schedule to whatever shift I will be on the next week (as they bounce me around.

I’m just grinning and bearing it for the time being.

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