Big Ben's Statement

Today, Ben Roethlisberger released a statement dealing with his suspension from Commissioner Goodell.  It read as follows:

The Commissioner’s decision to suspend me speaks clearly that more is expected of me. I am accountable for the consequences of my actions. Though I have committed no crime, I regret that I have fallen short of the values instilled in me by my family. I will not appeal the suspension and will comply with what is asked of me ─ and more.

Missing games will be devastating for me. I am sorry to let down my teammates and the entire Steelers fan base. I am disappointed that I have reached this point and will not put myself in this situation again.

I appreciate the opportunities that I have been given in my life and will make the necessary improvements.

This sentiment is nothing new from Ben.  Only time will tell if he truly means what he says.  I know that a good many of you have already made up your mind about the guy, and that’s fine, but just know that if you’re a Steelers fan, you’re going to root for the team regardless of who is on the roster.  Personally, I don’t care if he is an asshole.  I just want touchdown passes and championships from him.


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2 thoughts on “Big Ben's Statement”

  1. Doston says:

    There are other players in the league that have put themselves into bad situations and have not been charged with a crime, i.e. Ray Lewis. When Ray comes to town you can bet that someone will always comment that Ray Lewis is a murderer. The same thing will forever be true for Ben as a rapist. Cheering for Ray is the same as saying "Yay! Go Murderer!" Cheering for Ben will be the same as saying "Yay! Go Rapist!" I for one can not put my support behind someone with that stigma. I don't care if he wins us 25 Superbowls. The saying goes:"Suck one cock and you are a cock sucker FOREVER!" He has been accused of it twice and while I don't believe the first one, after reading the report, there is definately something to the second one. Sorry Lee, but on this one I just don't agree.

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