NFL Draft 2010

The NFL Draft is almost upon us.  This year, the set up of the event is new.  Thursday will start things off with only the 1st round.  Friday will feature rounds 2 and 3.  Saturday will finish up with rounds 4 through 7.  Not only will this cut down on the increasing length of the draft, but it will give the NFL more opportunity to show more advertising.  Also, it will keep guys like Mel Kiper Jr. and Chris Bermen from sounding crazy after being on the air for 8 consecutive hours.  That craziness will be sorely missed.

The Steelers head into this draft with many questions and many possibilities.  They hold the 18th overall pick and 11 picks overall (4 of which are in the 5th round).  So, in general, they are sitting fairly nice as they are.  Things can change, however.  Ben Roethlisberger’s name is sure to come up.  With the NFL getting ready to lay the smack down on him with a suspension, the Steelers (as well as other teams) will know what they are dealing with when it comes to the possibility of a trade.

Rumors are flying, as they do anyway this time of year.  I’m hearing that the Oakland Raiders and the Seattle Seahawks are interested.  The asking price for the 3rd best QB in the league (off the field issues or not) would at least be 2 first round picks or a 1st round pick and an impact player.  The more I think about things, the more I think that trading Ben would be a good idea.  The hell you say?  Hear me out…

Ben is indeed one of the best QBs in the league, but 1 player does not a team make.  I look at our aging defense, a defense that was often a liability last season, and I think that getting a couple 1st round picks could be a great remedy.  The team needs to get younger and needs depth to be competitive for years to come, so this couldn’t come at a better time.  James Farrior is still productive but on his last legs.  “Face Me” Ike Taylor (aka Doh! Dropped the Ball) is he only Cornerback we have the is worth starting right now.  We have very little depth on the DL and Saftey, so an injury there could be devastating.  It’s time to make some big picks to reload.

On offense, the OL is a liability.  Fresh blood is needed.  A #2 RB to back up Rashard Mendenhall is also a priority.  These are all things that could be accomplished with a couple more picks that we could get for trading Ben.  Dennis Dixon has looked good when he was filling in for Ben last season and could at the very least be a stop-gap until a more permanent solution is discovered.

I’m not calling for Ben to be traded, nor am I one to do so because of his off the field problems.  He plays for my entertainment and so long as he plays well, it’s all “dance monkey, dance” to me.  I’m saying that IF the Steelers decide to move Ben, it would have its roots in sound decisions for the team as a whole, removing a distraction and building for the future.  I trust the Rooney family to make the right decisions, as they have been outstanding owners.  We’ll see what happens over the next few days.


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