Playoff Beards!

Talbot's beard rules

Talbot's beard is awesome

That grizzled time of year is upon us.  The “playoff beard” is back!  As per yearly tradition, I ask that all of you die-hard Penguins fan begin to sprout your beards in honor of the upcoming playoff season.  It’s quite easy: don’t shave!  If anyone hassles you about your visible Penguins pride, question their manhood and walk away.

Dupius' beard is epic!

Tonight begins the quest to defend the cup.  First up: the Ottawa Senators.  Lets show those hose-heads from the north that the golf course is the only thing in their future!

The beard begins...


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One thought on “Playoff Beards!”

  1. Krajci_Mama says:

    I hope you look like a member of ZZ Top before we are through! Go Pens!!!

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