Now's the Time, the Time is Now

The future is now... hopefully.

Tonight brings about the next cog in the “Pirates: Rebuilding Since 1992” plan with the promotion of phenom Pedro Alvarez.  Alverez will join local boy Neil Walker, Brad Lincoln, Jose Tabata and blossoming superstar Andrew McCutchen in what is expected to be “the future” of the Pirates ball club.

Is it possible that the pieces to the puzzle are falling into place?  I’m still taking the wait and see approach. There is still so much left to do.

The Pirates have been beyond inept over the past 2 decades that it’s hard to believe that everything is finally going to workout for them.  I could foresee them tweaking with his swing, ruining it. They could misuse him by asking this power-hitter to bunt at times.  They could abuse him by putting him in situations that are outside of his comfort zone early on so that it ruins him mentally.  All this and more are the track record of the team.

I want to see the Pirates succeed as much as the next man, but only time will tell if this is just another ticket-selling ploy of if this kid (along with the others) turn out to be the real deal.  For the sake of baseball in Pittsburgh, I hope they do, because fans are beyond fed up.  The Steelers and Penguins are much more deserving of our dollars, but with the addition of Alverez, the Pirates might just make a case for a trip down to the ballpark for a reason other then bobble heads or fireworks.


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