Oceanic Stranglehold

The cackling sails on broad masts,

Snap like such thin twine.

Shadowy haunts of an oceanic past

Rock my world,

Like the sea,

In slow time.

The watery waves of the sea,

Basin of bitter salt brew,

Toss me where they damn well please,

Up and down,

To and fro,

I beg you rue.

And the planks splinter under foot

And the roar grows bright in my ear

From whence I came, I soon depart

Return to what drew me here

The tidal pull of the sea

A strong undertow greets me

A storm blew me off course

With a mighty and divine force

I grapple with the titan

In a moment, lose my grip…

I sink softly down,

without a sound,

under the waves I slip.

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