Remmington and Watts

So I had this idea for a TV show.  It’s a cop show where two cops who grew up in different worlds are paired together and their cultural differences cause for friction and hilarity.  Set on the mean streets of Los Angels, these two cops are assigned to a division set to stop organized international crime.

Nigel Remmington, born in North Hamptonshire is a debonair Englishmen who has an air of aristocracy about him.  He came to America as a way to undermine an underground organization who besmirched his family’s good name.  More Michale Caine then Jason Statham, he believes he’s more James Bond then “Dirty” Harry Callahan, and he uses his charm to get what he wants (girls, cars, information).

Jacob Watts is from the projects in Atlanta.  His parents were killed by Mexican drug lords who were trying to move into the neighborhood.  Street-smart and brash, Watts is a shoot first / ask questions later type of cop, who believes collateral damages is all part of getting the job done.

Each of them has their reasons for wanting to join this unit, but just can’t understand why they are paired together.

Tonight at 9PM ET on TBS, Remmington and Watts, where we hear them say:

“Hey Watts, ol’ chap… mind if I bum a fag?”

“What you talkin’ bout Nigel??”

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