The Buccos Strike Back!

Over .500 in May?  You’re kidding me, right?  I mean really?  Really??


The hometown kid does it again.

Most other teams *yawn* at this incredible “success,” but not here in Pittsburgh.  We are absolutely amazed.  Maybe it’s because our rotation, who is thought to be made up of nothing but No. 4 & 5 starters, is pitching lights-out.  Perhaps it’s because we are playing well on the road, despite our young core of talent (with the exception of Neil Walker) not hitting up to snuff.  Or maybe, just maybe, someone put hallucinogens in the water supply and we’re actually just trippin’ BALLS!

CBS Sportsline had this to say in their latest power rankings, in which the Pirates are ranked 17th:

Above .500 at the turn of midnight on May 10? Break up the Buccos! … And they’re three — three! trois! — games over .500 on the road. You hear the Pirates knocking on your front door, you better make haste in the other direction, friend. But not before turning down the sofa bed and taking extra hand towels out of the linen closet. … Brandon Wood enjoyed a two-hit, no-K game on Friday night. I forget — is that the fifth or sixth sign of the apocalypse? Get your plague inoculations, just to be safe.

Can’t argue with that!  This, of course, will not last.  Over .500 ball simply is a fleeting thing in the Steel City.  This team can’t compete with division opponents like Cincinnati, Chicago and Milwaukee… can thay?

Nah, at least not yet… but it’s nice to dream.


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