Paterno And The Media Mob

I’m riled up, and probably not why you think I should be.

When hearing of the charges that were levied against Jerry Sandusky and administrators at Penn State, I was admittedly not surprised.  I knew those charges had been around for a few years now, and this latest update brought the AD and VP of business finance into the mix.  The case was being made against those guys and I say fantastic.

Here is where I differ from the “foaming at the mouth” crowd who is calling for anyone and everyone at Penn State to be killed/fired/punished, especially Joe Paterno.

First of all, there has been no guilty verdict.  Not even a trial yet.  While I believe that Sandusky is guilty and the AD and other guy broke state and federal laws by not reporting the incidents they knew about for police to investigate, this IS America where people receive a trial for this kind of thing.  IF found guilty, it will confirm my belief and then I can feel confident in wishing them a cozy place in hell.

Now people are going after Paterno, who did exactly what he was supposed to do.  No one can say that he didn’t, as both the grand jury report and police statements have said as much.  He is even testifying for the prosecution, not defending Sandusky.  No, they go after him on the grounds that he didn’t do enough.  Well, to that I say – why stop there?  Go after the teachers assistant who was the witness.  Go after the The Second Mile for not thoroughly watching over its kids.  Go after the PARENTS who let their children become “at risk youth” or who were dumb enough to let their kids spend nights over at an adult’s house alone.  If your rage isn’t sedated with all the finger-pointing, please blame yourself for being fooled.

“Paterno MUST have known!  He was friends with him and worked with him for years while this was going on.”

I’m pretty sure Paterno doesn’t know who is going to be quarterback on the next series let alone what a former employee is doing with his charity.  You may find it hard to believe, but child predators are VERY GOOD at what they do.  Think about your friends and coworkers.  Do you know all their deep, dark secrets?  Thought so…

Like any organization, there is a chain of command that decides how to handle situations, especially ones dealing with people who no longer work for the organization.  The assistant reported it to Paterno, who followed the chain of command and reported it to the AD.  Now, as per the chain of command, it is the job of the AD to do two things; go to the police and inform the university president.  This did not happen and you now find where blame can be placed, if blame is what you crave.

I makes me just as sick to hear about child abuse as it does to see the names of people besmirched by the press and “keyboard warriors” who hoist blame on everyone and see what sticks, just to get ratings/views/clicks.  That is another form of rape, only this time it’s for all the world to see.  You don’t know what happened, so don’t pretend that you do.  You’re not judge, jury and executioner either.  The people involved who deserve their day in court will get it.

“But think about the children…”

I have, and it’s a tragedy.  It happened and we can’t go back in time to fix it.  However, think about your part in another developing tragedy; the destruction of innocent people who are now guilty by association.  That’s on you.

Frankly, I’ll stand by Paterno until proven otherwise, because I can picture myself in his position and feel the walls close in around me even though I did exactly as I was supposed to do.

Sandusky might as well have raped Paterno and all of Penn State, because this witch hunt is far from over and that is sad too.


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