Tonight, Judas comes to town.

Jaromir Jagr returns to Pittsburgh to gamble at the casino and play hockey for the cross-state rivals.  The mullet may be gone and his monkey-face may be weathered with age, but he still hasn’t grown up.

“How can there be such bad attitude and anger from these people?” Jagr told the Delaware County Daily Times. “What kind of world are we in right now? That’s (expletive) scary. We should be in a world with a lot of love.

“When I left Pittsburgh (in 2001) I was traded,” Jagr added. “The first time I came back with Washington, everybody booed me so bad. … They’ve hated me for seven years. Then, when there is a chance that I am going to go back there, all of sudden they switch for one or two months? Then I don’t go, and they go back to hating me, but even more than before. I don’t get it.”

The fact Jagr doesn’t “get it” speaks volumes.  His revisionist history is laughable at best.

He was only traded because he complained that he was “dying alive.”  He didn’t like the system that Czech coach Ivan Hlinka (who was only hired to appease Jagr) was using so he went over the coaches head and created his own game plan.

In turning his back on the team like that, he got deservedly booed.  Then, after many years, in the twilight of his career, Pittsburgh fans thought that maybe he finally grew up.  They wanted to give him one last chance at redemption (because that’s the type of people that live in this town), only to have Jagr jerk Mario Lemieux and the front office around, using them as leverage, before signing with the one team that would cause him to never be forgiven.

“My heart is in Pittsburgh” – Jaromir Jagr.

Remember Jagr, you reap only what you sow… and now it’s time for you to reap it.



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