Winter Is Coming

No, I’m not talking about Game of Thrones.  I’m talking about the future of this nation.

The other night was the State of the Union address by President Barack Obama.  In it, he spoke once again of proposals that amount to class warfare, pitting the poor versus the rich.  He spoke of “fairness,” which is tied into buzz words like “social justice.”  I can’t even describe how pissed off, saddened and dumbfounded I am that this is what we have come to.


How is robbing some people of what they have earned and giving it to others who have not, “fair?”

Of course it’s not fair.  How is it fair that I’m 6’3″ while some people are 5’3″?  How is it fair that some kids get good grades in school while some fail?  How would hard working students feel if their grades were appropriated in the name of fairness and given to students who never went to class?  Yeah, thought so…

Life is NOT fair, and no amount of legislation, no amount of government, will change that.  To paraphrase Gandalf, “Many that live deserve death.  Some that die deserve life.  Can you give it to them, Obama?”

You are NOT poor because some people are rich.  You are poor because you didn’t do what was necessary to become wealthy.  Invent something.  Work longer hours.  Educate yourself (whether through schooling or on your own).  Save money instead of buying a new, big screen TV.  I know people in the middle class who suffer because they have succeeded in reaching a comfortable point in their lives, only to get hurt because the government taking it away through a higher tax bracket.

Capitalism works.  We all benefit from the success of those who succeed, through investment, innovation and job creation.  It has created the most prosperous, most stable and most envied nation in the history of the world.  Only now, as we begin to see the culmination of socialism chipping away at our economic system over the last 100 years, has the system begun to collapse.

What does the left blame for this collapse?


It’s not only idiotic, but dangerous.  I see people so foolish to believe the world works in some way other then the way the world actually works, and then support people who tell them that “utopia” is possible through more social programs, more regulations… more government.  At no point in the history of the world has socialism and Communism worked over the long haul.  Sure, it works for a little while, as the government divides preexisting capital among the population.  Everyone is happy and equal.  However, since socialism doesn’t CREATE any new capital, once that original “trust fund” is gone, things go downhill very quickly and the result is a police state that regulates the economy and information so as to keep people just alive enough to keep themselves in power.

Here is the point…

Eventually, the people of enterprise and innovation who are constantly having their efforts taken and squandered by a “nanny state” government will eventually realize that in order to help those less fortunate, they must be made less fortunate as well.  They will stop investing, stop creating jobs and figure out new ways to keep the government’s greedy hands off their money.  People who depend on those lost jobs will be divided on who to blame – government or the private sector.

It’s already happening!

Then, eventually, this will lead to war.  Not a “class war” mind you, but an actual war between those who have made themselves dependent on government and those who see that intervention as bringing them down as well.  War between the Right and Left.

Of course, this will be called by leftists “fear-mongering.”  Sadly, just like paranoia, it’s not irrational if it’s true.  With $15 trillion in national debt and more policies forthcoming to drag us further down the road to bigger government intervention and more spending, it is without a doubt true.

The adults in the room are getting tired of seeing the petulant children always getting whatever they want at the cost of bankrupting everyone.

Winter is coming…

Can you smell what Barack is cookin'?


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