Obama’s War on Women

Frankly, women should be insulted.  Hell, I’m insulted for them.

Yes ladies, vote like your “lady parts” depend on it, as I’m sure that’s what you should be thinking with.  After all, throughout the ages, women have accused men of thinking with their junk, only to then say that’s a terrible thing.

I guess this is all women are to Obama; a bloc of voters who care nothing for the economy, foreign policy or national security.  To him, they’re just a gaggle of gals clinging desperately to their “lady parts” because that’s all that matters in this world.

But no, instead people have been going on an on about Romney having a binder with names of qualified women to hire.  Wow!  Who would of thought that someone like Romney would keep a list of women ready to be hired instead of in the kitchen concerned about their “lady parts” and making babies.  Wow!  Unreal that it would be Romney who would be the one actually trying to do something about the employment of women.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter, because no matter how bad Obama has screwed them, he can still do no wrong.  Forget that it’s really Obama who is conducting a “War on Women” (trademark Democratic Party) with his disgusting “Julia” figure, a woman who “simply cannot function without the lifelong intervention of federal patriarchs.”  Forget that Obama pays his female staffers 18% less than male ones.  Forget that guys like Chris Matthews state that being pro-life equates to Shariah Law.  After all, the only women that matter to liberals are women who can cast a ballot for them.  But, nah, leftists don’t care to see that.  They just go back to thinking with their “lady parts” instead of their “lady smarts.”


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