Hurricane Obama and His Voters

The 2012 elections took place and America shocked the world and warmed the hearts of it’s enemies by re-electing an empty chair as President.

The guy who was supported by the leaders of Russia, China and Venezuela is going to be back – sending money to China in the form of debt, taxing the people who invest money in business that grows the economy as well as NOT answering for the terrorist attack on Benghazi (or even Ft. Hood for that matter).

However, there is one thing that this election has taught me after doing some serious soul-searching:  I cannot blame Obama.  Nope, I can’t blame him for doing exactly what comes naturally to him.  He destroys America just as Hurricane Sandy did, but we don’t get mad at Sandy because of it.  It’s a force of nature, and Obama is just being Obama.

Can you smell what Barack is cookin’?

No, there is someone else to blame for the past failures of this President and the ones that are sure to come in the next four years.  That person is the Obama voter.  Yes, if someone voted for Obama, I blame them for the state of things.  It’s their fault that Hurricane Obama is back in office.  A smart person would build levees to protect the future and wish for clear skies.  They, however, actually voted for the raging storm to stay.

These are the same people who reelected Jesse Jackson Jr., who has mental illness and is under ethics investigations, with around 70% of the vote.  These are the types of people Obama voters want.  In an election that was about the economy, the Obama voter made it about everything under the sun BUT the economy: lady parts, gay marriage and marijuana.

Romney, a successful businessman, was actually accused of KILLING people.  The media ran with every false narrative and the Obama voter bought into it hook, line and sinker.  Romney wanted to let States decide for themselves the issue of gay marriage.  Romney did not want to ban abortions, contraception or any other crazy thing the left could come up with (rumors said he wanted to ban tampons – ridiculous).  The Obama voter didn’t care about reality here, only about loving Obama.

Jobs will continue to be harder to find now that the job creators are under attack in an already weak economy.  Healthcare will continue to get more expensive (as it has for my family) because of Obamacare.  The country will be less safe because of our currently irresponsible and naive foreign policy.  All of this because Obama voters don’t live in reality.  They dream big but come with policies that end up doing the exact opposite of what they are intended to do.  They HURT the poor. They HURT my family.

Another four years of this.  Another four years of failure.  Thanks for that, Obama voters.

[UPDATE] – Businesses have already started cutting back or closing down thanks to Obama voters. Liberals just don’t understand how business actually works.


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