NCAA Restores Some, But Not Enough


It’s pretty incredible how far things have come for PSU in a few short years.  Today the NCAA announced that it was eliminating the post-season ban immediately as well as restoring the full 85 scholarships starting next season.


This is by no means an exoneration of PSU… and that’s a shame.  Still, many (mostly Pitt fans) were upset that this restoration has happened.


I’m pleased that the NCAA has finally come to its senses and ended a significant part of a punishment that had no rational reason to exist.  I’ve written previously about how the media worked tirelessly to destroy anything and everything about Penn State they could destroy, regardless of the facts, in an effort to sell newspapers and collect clicks.  You can read about that HERE and HERE.

Since the beginning, most everything that had to do with the original narrative (like that Joe Paterno willfully spearheaded a cover up) has been proven false. Mike McQueary is no longer considered a reliable witness and he is the link that tied Paterno to wrongdoing.  There are delays in the trial of Graham Spanier and it seems to be fatally flawed.  All of this was based upon the Freeh report, which has been wildly discredited for lacking evidence and forcing conclusions.  Even Sandusky’s prosecutor said Paterno did nothing wrong.

The NCAA laid the hammer down upon PSU, banning them from post-season play, fining them $60 million dollars, removing scholarships, and eliminating 111 wins dating back to an arbitrary date – all based on misinformation and media pressure.  Even as recently as Friday, September 5th, Deadspin was calling people who actually pay attention and want justice – truthers.  

Now that the kangaroo court has succeeded in placing the blame on Paterno in the minds of people who read the original narrative and refused to read more, I can only be happy that at least some of the injustice done against PSU has been lifted.

I’m not holding my breath for the wins to be officially restored (as if the NCAA can whitewash history) or an apology, as rightly should take place.

However I’m not going to just “move on” as some, including the complicit Board of Trustees, demand.  So as long as the ignorant still speak of the “Paterno Cult” as if it’s anything but a group of people who are against how he was railroaded, I won’t just “move on” from the truth.

Damn the torpedoes.


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