Reality Keeps Me From Debating Politics These Days

Can you smell what Barack is cookin'?

I don’t argue politics much anymore (especially on Facebook), as I find the people I’m arguing against often have no concept of reality. People who have been my friends for years are sadly living in denial – and it breaks my heart. People used to disagree on how best to deal with reality. Today, people mistake their FEELINGS for reality. I often don’t waste my time anymore because these people are so far gone that exposing this false reality would completely destroy their self-constructed world. They will hold on to that false narrative until all the world is on fire – because that’s how they FEEL.

Apples & Oranges & Nazis:

I’ve seen recently by those out of touch with reality trying to make a holocaust comparison to the current Syrian refugee situation.  Not only is this completely ridiculous, but it shows how warped their reality is.  The comparison is only apt if Jews were also Nazis and we’d have to discern between the two. Instead, this actually offers an example of the opposite – Hitler (ISIS) basically declared that he (they) wanted war and the world did nothing but appease him (them). The Jewish refugees of 1938 were failed by the allies’ lack of a response to the Nazi (ISIS) threat, not the lack of admittance. If you’re trying to make the argument that the allies were the bad guys here, I’ve got some bad news for you.

“Daesh” ISIS has specifically said that they’ve hidden terrorists in with the refugees. Please explain to me how the government will vet these refugees when they can’t even bring themselves to name who the enemy is?

Radical Islamic Jihadists – There. That wasn’t so hard.  It’s not like a had to draw a picture of Mohammad. They call themselves this, so it requires a false reality to make them into something they’re not.  It’s not like we called the U.S.S.R. something other than what they called themselves – they were Communists – so why is this any different?

It’s not. The barbarians are literally at the gate, so let’s drop in and take a look at the reality being concocted by our Commander in Chief:

Oh, Barry – the only real anger you feel is the hate you have for your own countrymen. In your eyes, the GOP are the REAL enemy – you have even alluded to their “rhetoric” being a powerful Daseh recruiting tool. The reality instead is that our simple existence is enough to recruit these twisted minds, as they too suffer from a false sense of reality.

Then, there are some on the American political left that generally believe Christianity is no better. I ask those people to point to the Christian terrorists around the world saying, “Jesus is great! Convert or die!”  Even those abortion clinic bombings had a whopping total of eight casualties. EIGHT!

The mental gymnastics required to equate the two is an obvious case of defying reality for the sake of a narrative.


Yes, so? What does this all matter?

It only matters in the sense that the sizable number of people with a false sense of reality is dangerous – to myself, my family, and my country. You put us all in danger by living in your bubble, your “safe space.” So, I don’t debate politics with people like that anymore because that only gives them more opportunity to be ignorant loudly.

Trying to polish a turd will only get your hands dirty. #Reality



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