What is a Right?

Since yesterday’s terrorist shooting in California, I’ve see throngs of people repeating the same tired talking points that didn’t hold true before and still don’t hold true today. So many are talking about “rights” and who has which ones, etc, etc…

Basically is breaks down like this:

“I have a right to defend myself from danger.” – Yes, you do. You have an inherent right to defend yourself against someone who would take your life or rights. This is a basic human right, inherent and self-evident, and has existed since the beginning of time in all species.

“I have a right to safety.” – No, you don’t, as that safety is a platitude. It’s an illusion often provided by good people with means to defend you. We will all die at some point, so living forever in safety is not a right – nor is it something the government can guarantee or provide to you.

Ask the lamb if he has a right to safety in a world full of lions.

“We Don’t Want To Take Your Guns Away”


Once they think it’s been established that they have a right to “safety,” calls for how to provide that safety come rolling in. Often, these calls to “Do SOMETHING, ANYTHING” involve taking away someone else’s rights through government force. It’s a tired narrative that’s been totally broken. The shooters legally purchased their guns and did not have criminal backgrounds. Pray-tell what laws would have prevented this?


This took place in California, one of the states with the strictest gun laws in the nation. Kinda like the violence in Chicago, and the school shootings across the country – what do they all have in common? They all take place in “gun-free” or “gun-controlled” zones.


People with Islamic names, who frequented terror sites and visited countries that aid terrorists – “It’s too early to say if it’s terrorism.”

Instead of crickets, those same people 24 hours earlier as the events were taking place:


Now that the facts have come out:

Let’s end this madness. Guns aren’t going away, and to wish them away through some magical spell is, well, a lie.

Don’t be a liar.

Even the people calling for gun control have the right to protect themselves, and often do it with hired guns (bodyguards). In their mind, their rights trump yours.



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